Intimacy of the streets – Anna Stachurka in Athens


 I knew I was moving to the politically hottest region of Athens – Exarcheia district. Apart from the picture of the Acropolis in my head, and the general knowledge on difficult situation in Greece – my mind was free of any notions or concepts about the place. I flew there in search of images that will be up to date. At the beginning of June I therefore spent 8 days in Athens. The application counted this time to the distance of 98.4 km I have walked down the city sidewalks. Sometimes I was watching the same streets but at different times of the day and night. Most often I got to know the new ones. Although I was walking along the streets around – I did not visit the Acropolis. I was avoiding places which seemed to me a mere facade. I got driven by the need of drawing a mine own, private map of this city I visited for the very first time. I was often letting myself to get lost among these streets. The photographs attempt to truthfully illustrate my observations taken on the streets of the modern Athens as I was trying to capture and understand what is happening in this half-public half-private space. Remaining in a certain distance towards the city, I placed myself as an observer being sensitive to any behavior and every emotion.