Void by Diego Jock

An important Brazilian artist used to say: “up close, nobody is normal.” But after all, what is normal in our time? We are all hyper-connected, consuming information from all sides. The brightness of the cell phone reaches our eyes hundreds of times a day.
Fact is, we can no longer be alone. Silence and loneliness are too disturbing and noisy for 21st century minds. We need to fill all the voids. And empty we go on.
Void is the record of how the Brazilian photographer Diego Jock faces loneliness in everyday life.
Diego Jock was born in São Paulo in 1980 and took his first steps in photography still in that decade.
With an analog camera skillfully subtracted from his father, he eternalized his curious way of observing the world.
At 14 he rediscovered the capacity of photography to freeze time and since then has developed his gaze as an artist.
Some of his photos have been published in books and important magazines all over the world.