Stray cats by Olga Plesińska

A free living cat, basically half-wild, passes under the feet, finds a quiet place to sleep in an abandoned building. Every morning shows up at the door of a shop or restaurant and waits for breakfast. And usually gets it. If not – will find something for himself in the bin. Stray cat lives with a relationship with people, next to them,  but not for them.

Does it’s presence on the streets indicate neglect of animal protection in a given region, or is it a sign of respect for the freedom of a cat?

Does a free living cat need a rescue, including finding a home, or only first aid if a wound or illness occurs?

Is the freedom of such a cat superior to his safety, or the other way around?

Can we live with animals in a social relationship, being caring and mindful, but not taking away their autonomy?

Pictures taken in Georgia, Armenia, Jordan, Israel, Egypt and Morocco. I took them in 2015-2019. I intend to continue portraying stray cats on my next trips.






Olga Plesińska – highly sensitive person, she transforms observations into images and words. A bioethicist and philosopher by education, freelancer of different creativity by choice. A lover of paper books, hot tea and long conversations about important things. She can’t imagine a home without cats. You can view her photos at-> @olga.mariannana.