From the road – Jagoda Cierniak

In 2015, with a friend, for a month we traveled around the United States. We managed to drive a car almost 16 thousand kilometers and visit twenty-one states. We slept in a small golf, stopping mainly in the wastelands and gas stations. We visited, among others Slab City, a community inhabited in the desert, living in surprising buildings, wagons. We met there smiling anarchists and so-called snowbird – people who change their place of residence depending on the weather. We spent the day at Bombay Beach, an abandoned former tourist resort located near an amazingly smelly but enchanting Salton Sea lake. We visited Las Vegas, where in the glow of neon signs in addition to money you can see the sadness of addictions and homeless people sleeping under the casinos. We stopped at the (not so-so) funfair of the Flintson family, Bodie, uninhabited since the nineteenth century, in horrifying Walmart cornfields and the private Route 66 museum in Erick, on the border between Oklahoma and Texas, where we were invited to the real “redneck castle”. We followed our own intuition, inspiring ourselves a little with the book of Orliński, old films watched in the past and music videos on MTV and Viva Zwei.

“From the road” is a series of photos from this trip.

Jagoda Cierniak