Retro – Karolina Siwicka

Erika Lust is taking forever to download because everyone is glued to the Internet, and they’re taking all the bandwidth. At that very moment, when my brain is mutating like the pathogens from Wuhan, I thought that the only reaction to this reality is creating one of your own. Spamming it with an alternative image that will momentarily coil up my nerve threads in the rhythm of sRGB colours.

When misery reigns, I always reach for pictures, for the space I miss so much now. The unbearable nuisance of being in a square, an animal in a cage, doomsday on the horizon. Imaginary jackals and fear for the loved ones. Anxieties and paradoxes, night paralysis, a crowd of thoughts, defects of dimension. Daily numbers, statistics, lines of coffins. The ozone hole is shrinking, turtles are returning to beaches in India. Drought. Discounts, companies going bankrupt, homelessness more than ever, abandoned. #stayathome, swollen tents in Turkey, Greece, #cleanyourhands, no running water. Endorphins gone extinct. ON-OFF.

I’m disconnecting from the data. It just so happened that one evening, instead of watching a relaxing film, I put pictures from Morocco on my screen and started meditating with colours. Similar effect, relaxation, light, a mental siesta. Maybe these few pictures will cover someone’s fatigue. Maybe it will encourage the same. It will all pass someday.

Turn on this direction for a moment: ocean, sand, desert. Unreality. Cactuses always cool, a love affair without cuddling.



>> Karolina Siwicka - Silesian. Anthropologist (does not recommend). Keeps people at a distance, she puts an animal over a man. She is pissed off by today's Poland, she has been an emigrant for many years. She travels, functions, takes pictures<<