Karolina Hanulak – Skin

Karolina Hanulak


Skin is our protective coating, has a complex structure and multiple functions. It allows us to feel it is an organ for receiving sensory stimuli. In this series, I wanted to show its delicate structure, tight frames, subdued colors. Gently balancing on the sphere of intimacy of my relatives, I tried to show it all with the greatest delicacy. The sphere of eroticism has become important for my world. The naked man is defenseless. Nudity shows all its imperfections that allow you to form this ideal form. The body allows you to express many emotions.

Karolina Hanulak


Karolina HanulakKarolina HanulakKarolina HanulakKarolina HanulakKarolina Hanulak

Karolina Hanulak – she turned eighteen this year. For four years she has been involved in photography, which she learns by herself, observing the work of various artists. This gives her the opportunity to “look through their eyes”, but also to express herself.