The women in his pictures are beautiful and mysterious. Hidden in black and white thickets, they move. Still the same. Disturbing a bit. That half-pause. There will be no PLAY.

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The technique that Neto uses is stereoscopy, in principle nothing different from the one from the nineteenth century (only a form of presentation).

t the beginning of this ‘stereo  dream’ I used two the same analog cameras (lubitel 166b). I had them bolted on one board next to each other at a distance of a few centimeters. The huge problem was the fact that I never managed to set the two cameras in the same way (aperture, shutter and distance), which caused a lot of trouble in the later “editing” of the animation. On the other hand, it had its charm and some kind of character ….

After a few / a dozen months, I decided to change the technique and the camera. I bought a stereoscopic analog camera with four lenses for 35 mm film. I use that camera for today, I am very pleased with it, the time of “assembly” has been shortened several times, and the expenses for film have decreased.



He says that everything inspires him – past, present, future. Life is very inspiring. He likes nature. Very. He also likes the body, the female body. He does not make plans for his sessions, he does not make scenarios. He comes to the place and looks. And ideas come by themselves, sometimes by a complete accident.

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Neto – born in 1979. Scorpio. Sleepwalker who loves dreams and daydreaming.