Yellow – Bohdan Mucha

From early childhood my mom told me not to wear yellow. She can’t totally make an argument about it, but she always repeated that wearing yellow was weird and only crazy people did it. I didn’t understand why she thought so, but still believed in this theory, because of one strange man, who was selling insect poison at a local market. All clothes he wore, top to bottom, were yellow. Plus all those stories about “yellow papers” and “yellow house”, which were synonyms to craziness and crazy house in my native language.

From that time, all bizarre people and weird situations are yellow in my mind. Moreover, I did like them, and had accepted all those weird yellow things, but still trying to explain to myself this yellow mood. Bright and weird, favourite and forbidden. Which is right here, but feels like it is absent in the same time. Trying to go back to the childhood and fix it. Or just to live with it. In yellow world. Feeling yellow.


My name is Bogdan Mucha and I am 27 years old. I was born in Lutsk, Ukraine. I lived in Kiev, Odessa, Ocean City, Maryland, and now I am in Poznan.  I work on photographs, digital media and space installations. I am a lawyer by education, which is why critical thinking and analytical approach are the key elements of my creative process. I perceive art as a phenomenon of interpersonal relations, therefore, refraining from an excess of the anesthetization of my art, I am constantly looking for an individual image language. In the topics of my works, the most common are the reflections on the relationship between cultures and blurring the boundaries between them. I am also interested in the relationship between the past and the present – the memory of today for tomorrow. These extremely important and painful topics for modern Ukraine are revealed from the perceiving position, archiving personal experience, I gather and conserve information about now, evidence of human existence in a certain socio-cultural dimension.