100 Artists in Abandoned German Railway Depot. See Photos from IBUG – Festival for Urban Arts – Jagoda Cierniak

Industriebrachenumgestaltung, in short IBUG –  cyclical street art festival organized in abandoned industrial spaces, this year it took place in Reichenbach. This German town located in the Vogtland region of Saxony, was until the collapse of industry, vibrant and full of life. Apart from offices, railway infrastructure and workshops, there was a bowling alley, fountains, and places adapted to spend leisure time. In the 90s, after the workplace went bankrupt, buildings began to fall into ruin. After more than thirty years, all these rooms were cleaned, secured and prepared by the organizers and volunteers for the IBUG festival.

Mots - work in progress // fot. Jagoda Cierniak // IBUG 2019
Mots – work in progress // fot. Jagoda Cierniak // IBUG 2019

As Mots, we took part in preparations for the event, we were in a group of one hundred artists who worked on murals, installations, posters, animations and sculptures in the abandoned depot. When we arrived the people were already working there, lighting was installed, paths cleaned, debris removed. During the breaks while painting the mural I was taking pictures.

Jagoda Cierniak