The Ear of Province – UNITED VIBRATIONS

They called themselves messengers from the Inner Space.

This group is a new generation of South Londoners, originally from Brixton.
Brothers: Ahmad, Kareem and Yussef Dayes plus Wayne Francis II play a mixture of Jazz, Afro and Punk spiced with social and political messages.
Music is coming from a jazz background but social change was always a key goal when they formed the band in 2009.
Brothers set up also their own label with support of their parents.
Profits from their first EP is going to create a community land trust to built sustainable housing called R.U.S.S.

“Ultimately for all of us we want to live in a way that is not embedded in some kind of global violence, so growing our own food, producing our own energy and living in a way that has a beneficial footprint on the planet and isn’t toxic and destructive, which is the paradigm we’re on at the minute in London”

They have been inspired by people like Bob Marley and Fela Kuti in terms of passing through the message. Lyrics carry this revolution rush and listening make you feel like siting in front of the fireplace with your friends — you will get the sense of tribal vibe. Thanks to Yussef’s nervous drumming alongside with soft bass and brass you’ll want to dance

Theirs performance in South by Southwest [SXSW] Texas music festival in 2017 was cancelled due to President Trump’s Executive Order travel ban.
Yussef believes this decision „was a discrimination based on religion and race.”

So far, they released only one album The Myth of the Golden Ratio, in US based label Ubiquity Recordings, Inc.

Apart from that, Yussef was also a half of the Yussef Kamaal duo.
Their album Black Focus is a great journey around multicultural Peckham, one of the poorest area of south London.
Worth to try as it was the best-selling record in the catalogue of Brownswood Recordings.

Enjoy the music.



M.N. – Our musical correspondent from London, social activist and part of the squatting movement. Plays music from vinyl records.