My First Pandemic – Yuvraj Khanna

With oncoming of the pandemic, my immediate concern was the shutting down of the borders of both my current resident country U.S.A and home country India.
Separated from my family and living alone, I started to explore the human condition of how a pandemic and self isolation can alter the relationships & our dependency between the objects we use and the spaces we inhabit.
Our rooms become sanctuaries in the truest sense of the word and objects around us, big or small, can be the only tangible link to our homes or our simple lives outside the confines of our four walls.


Artist Statement of Yuvraj Khanna:

Born & raised in Delhi, India. Yuvraj Khanna worked as a music teacher and trial lawyer before moving to New York to study at the International Center of Photography. Currently based in New York City and working on socio-political stories with strong human elements.