OPEN CALL. Wall about freedom? Graffiti, dance, cultures. Take part in the international artistic workshops!

Take part in the international art workshop! Using various artistic tools and disciplines, we will explore ways of talking about freedom, what it is, how it can be understood, interpreted. Over the course of a week,  we will work with dance, graffiti and words. Under the guidance of experienced artists, pedagogues and educators, we will learn the basics of painting murals and working with the body (urban dance and music). Over the course of seven days, a group of 21 participants from Poland, Germany and France will learn different methods and artistic tools of expression, resistance and dialog.

Wall about freedom? is a French-German-Polish trinational project which consists of three meetings. The first will take place in Berlin, Germany (14th- 21st of November 2022). The second will take place in France and the third in Poland. (You do not need to be present at all the three meetings, even though we recommend that.)

This open call concerns a meeting in Berlin.

Organisations leading the project 

Manowce Kultury Foundation (PL)


zukunst e.V. (DE)

Who can take part?

We are looking for 7 participants. Who can apply? All people between the ages of 18 and 30 who live in Poland and are interested in art. Artistic experience is not required, although we are looking for people with an interest in art and social issues. Classes will be conducted in Polish, German and French with a translator present. 

Knowledge in English is recommanded but not mandotary.

Fee for participation in the workshop (covers all costs related to the project – two-way transport from Poland to Berlin, accommodation, food, activities) – 350 PLN

A translator will be present during the workshop.

A detailed programme of meetings will soon be available to all interested persons.

  • Germany, Berlin, CVJM-Jugendgästehaus: From Monday 14th of November to Monday 21st of November
  • France: From Saturday 04th March to Saturday 11th March* (still to be determined)
  • Poland: From thursday 2nd June  to thursday 09th June* (still to be determined)

*- these are estimated dates, which might slightly change. 

You do not need to be present at all the three meetings, even though we strongly recommend that. 

The place, where the meeting will take place in Berlin is fully accessible for the disabled, there is a modern lift (more info: )



We would like to invite participants to take part in hip hop workshops, during which we will focus on group dynamics, explore the movement and its creative vocabulary. We will work on stage composition and create performative material connected with the project’s theme.


We also want to offer street art workshops to the participants. This method will allow us to approach the theme of the project in a more creative way, alongside the dance. The idea is to provide the participants with technical skills but also to give them a space to be creative with this concept. We would work with means of street art, providing participants with graffiti techniques and create the space where they can try/use them in the creative way.

Grassroot education method on the theme of freedom

We will use different methods of non-formal education to reflect on the notion of freedom. We will work on a variety of interpretations, perceptions and experiences connected with this term. Try to deconstruct it and put it in the context of today’s European societies to launch the discussion on democratic values and human rights.

Language activities

Every day, language activities are planned in order to create the group dynamics necessary for artistic and intercultural work. These activities also aim to address the theme of tolerance and prejudice.

Who is the team?

Quentin Renambatz: he has been working as a freelance interculturalist since January 2022 and is based in Berlin, Germany. He comes from Marseille, France. He has been actively involved in several youth exchange projects with the FOJJ as a young person but also as an intercultural facilitator, on projects mainly focused on the theme of dance and urban culture. In addition, he did civic service for the association Une Terre Culturelle in Marseille and a European voluntary service with Clash! Exchange & Learning in Berlin. In addition, he has already gained a lot of experience as an extracurricular and holiday centre animator. He also has a background in setting up hip-hop dance and creative arts workshops. He speaks French and English and has a good knowledge of German. He has a BAFA and is also certified by the OFAJ as an intercultural animator.

Marie Chiotti: she is an intercultural team leader and dance pedagogue. In 2015, she moved to Germany to participate in the professional training of the Leipzig theatre and to research in the city’s archives on the topic of the influence of dance on the perception of the body as part of her master degree’s thesis. Afterwards, she underwent professional training, which enabled her to develop methods to combine political and non-formal education with dance and body expression. In 2019, she founded the association zukunst e.V. Since 2018, she has been working as a freelancer for different organisations (OFAJ, Interkulturelles Netzwerk e.V, Peuple et Culture, Roudel, Treibhaus, etc).

Karine Castelneau is a visual artist and specialised speaker. She is trained in art schools and through her professional career, in Graphic and Plastic Arts and in Art Sciences. She has been part of collective workshops of designers and visual artists in Montpellier, notably En traits Libres. She generates artistic practice for all audiences in museums, national education, medical-social, or on festivals. She is a member of the Collectif Raisons Sensibles where she explores different artistic forms in collective (images, texts, micro editions, theatre and performances) around the proposal to put radical criticism in dialogue with the arts, social transformations and the public. On a daily basis, she runs the Tiers Lieu Culturel of the popular education association i-PEICC.

MURKI – Patrycja and Michał

Patrycja Kostyra – born in 1993 in Tychy; graduate of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Opole (specialising in graphic design and new media), currently an employee of the Faculty. Opole-based artist (illustration, drawing, street art), cultural animator, member of the Murki Group since 2018.

Since 2018, together with the informal artistic group Grupa MURKI, she has been co-creating cultural projects cultural projects, as part of which several murals have been created in Opole: WILQ Superhero from ZWMu! (2021), Murals: Opole, camera, action! vol2 (2021), Mural: from water to space (2019), Murals: Opole, camera, action! (2019), Murals: music in the city (2018) and others. She is the author of the design and realisation of the first ecological mural in Opole (painted with photocatalytic paint) for the Housing Cooperative in Opole, as well as a mural on the National Centre of Polish Song in Opole created as part of the competition Przebojem na mural! (2021) and a mural in the Nysa City Park for the Nysa Municipality (2022). She also devotes a lot of time to illustration in the broadest sense – not only professionally, making designs for commissions, but also promoting the local potential in this area. That is why, since 2017, she has been active in the Illustragan project, which has resulted in an exhibition and a book publication with works by artists associated with the Faculty of Art. In addition to her artistic activities, she carries out commercial commissions and co-creates cultural events in Opole and the region, collaborating with local artists and institutions. //

Michał Szyderski – born on March 1, 1980 in Opole. Higher education in 2005 at the University of Opole; profession of psychologist, busy therapist. Professional experience related to the psychology of the labor market. Member and founder of the BEATA street art group, since 2017 a member and founder of the Opole street art group MURKI. Despite this education and background pay off in psychology, I have been interested in art for years, especially street art and graffiti. I painted at many street art events, incl. in Wrocław – Pink Piknik, in Warsaw – 40/40 in Forty Bema, Green Jam in Zielona Góra, Character Jam in Głogów. Together with part of BEATA Lesowy, I took part in the Winter of Art. Individually, I took part in the exhibition of Sito 2 of the Creator of the Contemporary Exhibition in Opole and in two editions of the Creator’s Illustration by the UO Art Department. From the Murki group I have made many street art projects, incl. project in the GSW Annex, mural for the DOM Foundation, a series of murals as part of the FIO competition, a series of murals as part of the projects „Murals: Opole, Kamera, Akcja!” and „Mural from water to cosmos” (we cooperate with the Opolskie Lamy Association), mural „Wilq Superhero” (we cooperate with the Opole Projector of Cultural Animations).

How to apply?

Send us an e-mail 

In the message write us your name, surname, date of birth, short bio + few sentences about why you would like to take part in the project.

Do you have any questions?

Write to us! Jagoda and Sabina, Fundacja Manowce Kultury