ziferBLABcall – send your project and win an exhibition!

The extraordinary circumstances that we all face every day due to the ongoing pandemic, forced many creatives to cancel shows and exhibitions, postpone projects and, in many cases, stop all ongoing artistic activities without any forecast for the future. This situation is new to everyone, and it requires considering the new context we live in and exploring this new reality in the search for creative solutions. 

This open call from artBLAB and Ziferblat London teams is our response to this difficult situation! We want to use our platforms to help you, inspire you and make you focus on the positive side of the current situation! We all need to do whatever we can to support each other! We are looking forward to receiving your submissions of multidisciplinary projects, exhibition proposals, artworks and general display of your talent in any form you like. 


We will share all the submissions on our social media channels and select one lucky group or person to deliver an artBLAB talk about their artistic practice and curate an art event at Ziferblat London. We will take care of the promotion of your event and help with curating your show, poetry evening or concert! 

How to take part:

  1. Follow both @artblab.london and @ziferblatlondon
  2. Send us your submission via posting it on INSTA STORY and tagging both @artblab.london and @ziferblatlondon
  3. In your submission tell us WHO you are and WHAT is your project, in the form of a photo, sound, song, text, drawing, anything you want!
  4. Save you INSTA STORY under a tag #ziferBLABcall
  5. The submission is open to both group and individual applicants representing any form of art.


Deadline: 14 JUNE 2020


In case of questions please contact us on hello@artblab.london.

If you have a friend who deserves a spot tag them, or share the #ziferBLABcall on your social media – we are all in this together! 

Stay creative!


artBLAB and Ziferblat London teams

Ziferblat London is a pay per minute co-working space, exhibition venue and creative hub located at 1 Vince Street, 233A Old Street, EC1V 9HB London, United Kingdom. Ziferblat is a place where everyone can feel at home. Here you are free to be yourself; you can work, do some art, read a book, play piano, get acquainted with good people, attend events, drink as much tea or coffee as you want — in other words, do whatever you like as long as you respect the space and the other people in it.

Ziferblat’s doors are open to everyone. Each Ziferblat guest becomes a sort of micro-tenant of the space, responsible for it and able to influence its life. You will be welcomed by the Ziferblat community and able to work with them to help create, supply and develop the space. Everything is free inside except the time you spend there, and by paying for the time you’ll be making a donation towards the further development of this social experiment.

artBLAB runs a series of laid-back lectures about art and its whereabouts. On the artBLAB events, artists and art professionals representing various disciplines come together to celebrate creativity. We present both emerging and well-established artists. We love connecting people – our event connects artists and art aficionados that wouldn’t otherwise meet. 

artBLAB believes in art equality, it doesn’t discriminate against any type of art – we love experimental poetry as much as we adore interaction design! We also give no special treatment to any speaker – we believe in the talent, and not in the position on the art scene or within the academia. Lastly, we believe great things happen at intersections, that’s why we encourage speakers to collaborate on future art projects and we mix various audiences.

​artBLAB is organised by two human beings passionate about art, Michal Kamil Piotrowski and Marta Grabowska.

Michal is a tech and visual poet, our CEO and a driving force behind everything we stand for. You can chat with him @somecoolwords.

Marta is an independent curator and art historian, believer in the power of slow art and the originator of the artBLBA online series. See what she is up to @martuga.grabowska or curatoress.com