The Plague. Waiting Room. OPEN CALL

The plague has surprised humanity again. Once again in the history of the world we discover a black swan, whose huge impact on reality no one expected. Time has stopped somewhere, and someplace else it has picked up the pace. We are in a state of suspension, in the space between what was and the unknown that is yet to come.

We don’t know what will come out of the dark yet. A revolution? Disintegration of the governance structures as we know them? The collapse of capitalism? We don’t know. We’re in the waiting room  and we’re making an open call in the time of the plague. We’re looking for a contemporary Decameron, for bio thrillers, for your diaries from the days of the plague. For visions of a brave new world, which awaits us after the pandemic. For post-apocalyptic comics, prints, glitches, social analyses. Use your quarantine privilege and join us, leave a mark for future generations so they know what it was like in twenty-twenties.

If you want to share quarantine time photos with us, if you have an opinion on the social impact of the epidemic, if you want to publish a poem or illustration, video or collage – contact us. We are interested in different perspectives, different views on the current situation we all find ourselves in.

The time of the epidemic is a time of a million unanswered questions, the situation is new for everyone. That’s why we want to create a space in PROwincja for sharing thoughts and views.

We accept: texts, graphics, photos, videos, collages, comics. Any work that can be published online.

The rules:

– works cannot have been previously published anywhere,

– editors of PROwincja operate on a non-profit basis, we do not pay any royalties,

– text editing should be based on the rules defined by the publisher >>> click

– add a few words about yourself, a biogram or a link to your portfolio,

– by taking part in the open call you agree to the publication of your work in the PROwincja magazine

PROwincja editors will get in touch with authors whose work fits the profile of the magazine.


Please send your work submissions to

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